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Mayfair FX

We are a technology company making Foreign Exchange Transfers Transparent.

For generations Foreign Exchange margins have been hidden from businesses and personal clients, we are changing this.

The effect of margins being hidden has meant businesses and personal clients are paying higher transaction fees . We do not think this is fair.

Banks & FX Brokers have kept FX margins hidden from the client as it means they will earn a larger transaction fee. Most clients are unaware of their FX margin, which leads to the question, how do they know if they are getting a fair deal?

By opening an industry-wide discussion about FX margins, we hope clients will get a better deal.


Some of the places we have been featured in:

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Transparency, Trust and Team: The 3 Ts leading to international business growth

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Mayfair FX are a British Bank Awards 2018 Finalist for Best Money Transfer

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Startups Tech Pitch by Mayfair FX. Entrepreneurial brothers assisting businesses with their foreign exchange requirements

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Companies Made Simple’s Mathew Aitken interviews our CEO, Jessal Shah

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Alpha Startup at the Web Summit in Dublin

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