Have The Best Currency Partner When You Buy Supercars

As global wealth balloons, the demand for Super Cars follows suit. The values of Supercars have reached astronomical prices both brand new and vintage and often selling for millions of pounds. Often the cars which are very limited numbers, extremely difficult to source and often sold in auctions to the highest bidder so having the right currency partner is important at the time of purchase.


Mayfair FX is that partner! We are specialised in foreign currency exchange and international payment solutions. We can provide you with a solutions which will make the process easier when dealing with large value transfers, help you save money on unnecessary bank fees and help manage your risk from currency fluctuations.


Use Mayfair FX platform when buying a supercar to make sure everything goes smoothly!


Buy Your Supercar with Mayfair FX


You never know when and where you will find you next supercar. In a world more and more globalised the likelihood you will need a currency exchange partnerwhen buying your next supercar is increasing. Take no risk in such cases, grab the wheel of your next purchase with both hands and optimise your transaction through Mayfair FX. We help you avoid the high bank fees and expensive exchange rates to ensure you receive the best deal possible.


Enjoy your new supercar and let us help you optimise the buying process when it comes to large value transactions. Here is what we can promise you when you use Mayfair FX platform:


  • Best Exchange Rate
  • Risk Management
  • Same Day Swift Payments
  • Great Number of Currencies, Destinations and Countries


Spend Your Money on Super Cars and Stop Worrying About Currency Rates and International Transfers.


When dealing with large value transfers you need a safe, efficient and fast payment solution, that is exactly what we provide to our clients and can ensure your sourcing efforts are successful. Our platforms offer you 24/7 access to make sure you can use it whenever the opportunity appears. Fully transparent with no hidden fees. You also can be sure that you can view the mid-market rates and make your future purchases more sustainable by planning them.


Make sure you are always on top of your game and when you decide to make the step to buy the supercar you love. Mayfair FX is the partner which will help you get ready for such international payments and help you manage your foreign currency exchange needs.You can be sure that we are:

Ebury Partners UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA

Real-time online activity and instant email notifications

One account, multiple user platform

Buy your supercar with Mayfair FX platform and relax while you are driving your new jewel!

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city falcon

Extremely thankful to Mayfair FX for cutting City Falcon’s international transfer cost to Ukraine when GBP/USD is at a multi-year low.

polio children

Excellent, speedy and efficient service with huge savings from Mayfair FX. Already recommending them to all our personal and commercial contacts.

sona tours

From the very start Mayfair FX has been open & fair with us. They have helped us save money and are a pleasure doing business with.

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